Hard Chrome Plating, Chrome Coating, Hardening Chromium Metal Surface

Chromium Coating technology is popular in machinery manufacturing technology.

Hard Chrome Plating, Chrome Coating, Hardening Chromium Metal Surface

Nearly all country has chromium plating factories to provide mechanical products.

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Summary Of The Properties Of Chromium Metal.

Chromium metal Color:

Green Light Egg Special

Chromium metal surface is covered by a thin film of Cr2O3, so it has a silver-blue light.

Blue Light Hard Chrome Plating Factory

Chromium Metal Hardness

Chromium has a very high hardness Chromium is a hard, brittle metal with a high melting point.

Good anti-corrosion

High scratch resistance.

Application of Chromium Metal in Practice

Therefore, the physico-chemical properties, chromium is used as a conditioning element added to steel to improve corrosion resistance and increase hardness, steel with added Cr is called Stainless Steel or Inox.

Dies Hard Chrome

In the metallurgical industry, to enhance corrosion resistance and surface polishing:


as a component of alloys, such as in stainless steel for knives and scissors.


Applications in Chrome Electroplating Industry


Hard Chrome Plating Bending barrel

Hard Chrome Bending barel cylinder

Chrome Plated Cylinder Barrel


Chemistry Applications:

Application in the process of anodizing (positive) aluminum, literally turning the aluminum surface into ruby.


Applications for making dyes and paints:


Chromium(III) oxide (Cr2O3) is a metal polish known as green chalk.


Chromium salts color the glass to emerald green.


Chromium is what gives rubies their red color, so it is used in the production of synthetic rubies.


produce the brilliant yellow color of dyes and paints


As a catalyst.


Chromium is used as a mold for firing bricks and tiles.


Chromium salts are used in the tanning process.


Potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7) is a chemical reagent, used in the cleaning of laboratory glassware as well as as a titration agent. It is also used as a mordant (color stabilizer) for fabric dyes.


Physical Applications of Chromium metal:

Chromium(IV) oxide (CrO2) is used in the manufacture of magnetic tapes, where higher coercivity compared to iron oxide tapes results in better performance.


In well drilling equipment as anti-corrosion agent.


In medicine, as a dietary supplement for weight loss, usually in the form of chromium(III) chloride or chromium(III) picolinate (CrCl3).


Hexacarbonyl chromium (Cr(CO)6) is used as an additive to gasoline.


Chromium boride (CrB) is used as a high temperature resistant electrical conductor.


Chromium(III) sulfate (Cr2(SO4)3) is used as a green pigment in paints, ceramics, varnishes and inks, as well as in the chromium plating process.


Making nickel-chromium compounds used in irons, electric stoves, … (because it has a working temperature of about 1000-1100 degrees Celsius)


What Is Hard Chromium Plating?


Chrome Plated Roller

Hard Chrome Roller Shaping


Chromium is an electrolytic coating of chromium metal on the metal, also known as chromium electroplating.


In which the Plating is considered as the Cathode and the Solvent is the CROM LUXURY SOLUTION


Hard Chrome Plating Process

Hard Chromium Plating is a complex process that electrochemically precipitates chromium metal onto the metal surface through a variety of chemical and electrochemical reactions.

Chrome Plating Etched Rolling Shaft Surface
Chrome Plating Etched Rolling Shaft Surface

What are the characteristics of chromium plating?

– Is a hard metal coating

High melting point can be used at 900 0C without discoloring.

Has a characteristic Blue Light because In air, chromium is passivated by oxygen, forming a thin protective layer of Cr2O3 oxide on the surface, preventing further oxidation of the metal below.

High gloss surface .

Completely passive in the atmosphere.

High-end decorative feature, capable of reaching mirror gloss.

Chemical corrosion resistance. Chromium only works with HCL acid or other hot concentrated acids, so the chromium layer has very good corrosion resistance under harsh environments, high temperature and humidity.

Small coefficient of friction: Increases the wear resistance and sliding friction of the plating.

Can create micro-cracks holding oil, suitable for cylinder rods, sliding bearings.

Chrome Plating How?


Chrome plating, commonly known simply as Chrome Plating, or electrochromic chromium plating, is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium on a metal object.

Hard Chrome Plating Anti Abrasion Industrial Machine Detail
Hard Chrome Plating Anti Abrasion Industrial Machine Detail

The chrome finish can be decorative, anti-corrosion, shine-enhancing, or surface-hardened.

Sometimes the chromium layer is intended to enhance the aesthetics of the base metal.

Chrome Plating Process

Single layer chromium plating is usually followed by the following process:

Metal Polishing:

Metallic materials must be polished before being put into chrome. Therefore, before chrome plating, the metal needs to be polished by mechanical, chemical …

Metal Degreasing:

The purpose of removing grease, dust during processing remains on the metal surface.

Depending on the type of metal, a different degreasing solution is used.

Fixing for chrome-plated objects:

Fixing in the Chromium Plating Process is very complicated, requiring experienced workers to be able to create a uniform layer of chromium on the surface of the plating object.

After fixing, we proceed to put the Plating object into the Plating tank containing chromium solution.

Conduct Chromium Metal Plating, depending on the thickness of the Chromium layer, we choose the current mode as well as the plating time.

Chrome 6+ Plating:

Chromium 6+ electroplating, using chromium trioxide CrO3 (also known as chromic anhydride) as the main ingredient. Chromium 6+ is a chromium electroplating solution used for decorative and hard plating,

Hard Chrome Plating For Hydraulic Piston Rods
Hard Chrome Plating For Hydraulic Piston Rods

Chromium 6+ layer for shiny chrome coating,

together with the metal base can lead to the metal surface after being plated with chromium metal reaching light reflectivity similar to that of a mirror

Hexavalent chromium electroplating process

(1)Oil Removal

(2) Activation

(3) Chromium Electroplating

(4) Wash off

6+ . Chrome Plating Tank

The chromium plating bath (Chromium Furnace) is usually a plastic tank containing a solution of chromic acid.

Or Steel tanks are coated with anti-corrosion glue.

Chromium Plating Solution 6+:

As a mixture of chromium trioxide (CrO 3 ) and additives to facilitate the process of plating chromium metal, there is little trouble in the plating process.

This shows that the chromium solution is a highly acidic solution.

Temperature during metal chromium plating:

During the chromium plating process, the Plating Material and the Solution are always stabilized at a temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, Chrome Plating for metals does not deform the part due to overheating.

This is an advantage and application a lot in practice.

Types of machine parts in the process of being worn out are missing the size compared to the standard.

The choice of Spray Coating or Welding Metal coating is all at high temperatures, causing detail deformation or material structure changes. Leads to warping, cracking, cracking.

Therefore, using the option of Chrome plating for these details is the most effective, without causing deformation, cracking, or changing the material structure.

Chrome 3+ plated

What is 3+ chromium plating?

3+ chromium plating is a method of using trivalent chromium compounds to prepare chromium solutions.

Chromium 3+ metal plating process is the process of precipitation of chromium metal in a solution of chromium 3+.

Metallizing Chromium 3+ is an alternative to Chemochromic 6 Plating.

Chromium3+ Plating Process

Similar to the hexavalent chromium electroplating process,

The only difference is in the chemical composition of the chromium solution.

Advantages of 3+ Chromium Plating:

The functional advantages of trivalent chromium are to create higher efficiency in the chromium electroplating process.

Reduce labor costs

Reduce environmental pollution

Reduce Electricity Costs

As is known, trivalent chromium is less toxic in nature than hexavalent chromium.

Due to lower toxicity which reduces the cost of evaporation inhibition, airborne fog filtration.

Other health advantages include higher cathode efficiency, resulting in less chromium emissions into the air; resulting in less chromium waste and non-degradable anodes.

Cons of 3+ Chrome Plating:

The color of the layer Chrome 3+ metal plating is not beautiful

Hardness Grade 3+ is much lower than Chromium 6+

Expensive chemicals

Difficult to Control and Operate.

Chrome Plating Options


DECORATIVE CROM SILVER PLATING is offered as a solution to improve the aesthetics and anti-corrosion of metal products.

Chrome coating Color:

Has an eye-catching silver, green light.

Or Bright Satin color.

Usually Coated with Nickel Plating.

Decorative Chrome Plating

Thickness of decorative chrome plating:

The typical decorative chromium layer thickness is about: 0.002 to 0.005 mm, which is about 2-5 um.

In some special cases, the thickness can be increased to about 0.01mm .

Ornamental Chrome Plating will normally be the final step in the Chrome Plating process.

In which coatings such as: Zinc Plating, Copper Plating, and Nickel Plating are often used first.

When measuring layer XI Chrome Electroplating we usually measure the thickness of the layers of Zinc Plating, XI Copper Plating, Nickel and Chromium Plating, and usually it has a thickness of 15-25 um.

Anti-corrosion decorative chrome plated

With a thickness of 15-25 um, the Plating Structure consists of Copper – Nickel – Chromium layers which can withstand 120h Salt water spray during the Corrosion Resistance test of the Product.

HARD CROM plated

What is Hard Chrome Plating?

Hard Chrome Plating, also known as Industrial Chrome Plating or Mechanical Chrome Plating.

Đánh bóng khuôn mẫu
Hard Chrome Plating Non-Stick Plastic Extrusion Mold

Hard Chrome Plated Hydraulic Piston

Features of Chrome plating Layer:

The chromium grade is tested based on the following factors:

– Thickness:

The thickness of the chromium coating depends on the composition of the chromium electrolyte solution and the plating time. Usually the chromium coating has a thickness of 5-200 um, in certain cases it is possible to bring the chromium coating up to 1000um. The chromium coating thickness is checked using a specialized coating thickness gauge.

Chromium coating hardness:

The chromium coating hardness depends on the solution composition as well as the electrolytic mode. Depending on the type of product, machine details, working environment, we choose a certain mode.

Chromium coating hardness is measured using 2 main scales:


Also known as HRC for short. Typically, a chromium coating with a hardness of 40-69 HRC is common. In special cases it is possible to bring the chromium coating up to a hardness of 80 HRC.


Also known as HV. The normal hardness of chromium grade is 390 -1100 HV.


The surface gloss of the chromium coating depends on the glossiness of the metal base material, which means that the more polished the plated object is processed before chromium plating, the more polished the chrome electroplating process will be. Usually the hard chrome finish is finished with a polishing process to improve the shine of the plating.

Chrome coating gloss is measured with specialized gauges.

Products on the Vietnamese market currently have a gloss Ra 0.2um.

Hard Chrome Plating Application:

Used to reduce friction,

improved durability through general wear and friction resistance,

increase in size restore worn parts,

extended resistance to high chemical corrosion In the most corrosive environments,

Plating coats the material at worn parts to restore it to its original size.

Chromium coatings are very hard, ranging from 65 to 69 HRC (this depends on the hardness of the base metal).

Hard chrome plating depends on different product types and the quality requirements depend on the operating environment, the application of the parts. For example, the plating on hydraulic piston rods is tested for corrosion resistance with a salt spray test

Use in automotive manufacturing technology:

Most of the bright decorative items attached to this vehicle are referred to as “Chrome plated”, meaning the steel has undergone multiple plating processes to withstand the variations in temperature and weather that a vehicle depends on. into outer beauty.

These coatings are applied by a three-layer chromium electroplating process. In which the technological process follows the criteria of Coating Copper – Nickel – Chromium.

Before the applications of chromium in the 1920s were discovered, nickel electroplating was widely used. During the short production run before the US entry into World War II, the government banned plating to save chromium and auto manufacturers painted the trim pieces in an additional color. During the final years of the Korean War, the United States contemplated banning chromium in favor of a few cheaper processes (such as galvanizing and then coating with shiny plastic).

In 2007, a directive on the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) issued a ban on certain hazardous substances for use in the automotive industry in Europe, including hexavalent chromium, used in electroplating. chrome coating. However, plated chromium is metallic and does not contain hexavalent chromium after being washed.

Industrial machines

Hard Chrome Plating is a technical chromium coating.

It is mounted directly on the base metal,

No need to go through the lining layers as in the case of protective plating – jewelry.

Depending on the purpose, it is possible to apply plating coating with milk chromium, porous chromium, shiny chrome …

Chrome Coated Restoration:

This type of wall is used to increase the wear resistance of hand tools, measuring instruments, and to restore dimension to worn machine parts such as motor shaft heads, machines, mechanisms. move…)

Surface hardening chromium plating:

Surface enhancement for new machine parts such as piston rings of internal combustion engines.

plating cutting tools,

die-casting or punching dies of friction pairs such as hydraulic-mechanized cylinder-piston,

metal wire drawing sets….

Other Applications:

Hard chrome plating is widely used in the industry because it gives many superior properties to the surface of machine parts that the material itself does not have.

In addition to high hardness, the hard chromium coating is also very resistant to corrosion, very good abrasion resistance, smooth and very uniform surface, difficult to wet, small coefficient of friction, good adhesion.

Thanks to these properties, the hard chromium coating has made the surface of the machine parts better and very uniform in quality, which prolongs their working life with high precision.

Why Hard Chrome Plating:

With the characteristic properties of chromium metal.

Machine parts operating in high friction environments are Hard Chrome Plated to enhance wear resistance, Reduce friction, prolong the life of machines.

In addition, industrial machinery and equipment, with large sizes that cannot be plated with decorative chromium, should undergo hard chrome plating to improve corrosion resistance in the working environment. With these coatings only a thickness of 10-20um is required.

How Much Does Chrome Plating Cost?

The cost of chrome plating includes many details such as: size, thickness, degree of damage, material properties …

Get a quote on the best chromium plating cost. Please contact via phone number / zalo / viber : 0903.863.762 or 0906 803 858

Hard Chrome Plated Products:

Hard Chrome Plated Hydraulic Bench:

Hydraulic cylinders operate in environments subject to high sliding friction, so they are usually plated with a layer of hard chromium, conventional valves are coated with a hard chromium layer of 20-30 um directly on the metal substrate.

Products are often used steel grades S45C, S50C, S55C, 40Cr ….

Hard Chrome Plating Process of Hydraulic Cylinder:

After the rough turning process, the product is subjected to heat treatment and fine grinding on a specialized grinding machine and then coated with a layer of hard chromium. Usually the hard chromium layer for these products has a hardness ranging from 40-50 HRC.

These products have good wear resistance as well as oil retention because the chromium coating itself has micro-cracking layers that help retain oil.

Properties of hard chrome plating Bending Hydraulic:

Even some types of load-bearing tie rod, piston rod have to take all the journey out into the air for a long time to bear the load. Under the influence of air, high humidity, combined with dust, cause the cylinder rod to be excessively corroded, leading to pressure loss, or oil leakage.

In the case of overload operation or wrong operation, it can lead to deformation, bending, and possibly even breakage.

All these errors make hydraulic machinery work less efficiently, even unable to work.

With Many Outstanding Properties, Chrome Plating Process is widely used in the Machine Building Industry.

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With Hydraulic Mechanic factory established in 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City. We have been constantly trying to develop the product lines of Hard Chrome Plating Services, Repairing Cylinders, Hydraulic Presses in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Is an enterprise operating mainly in mechanical engineering in general and hydraulic engineering in particular. Our products and services include:

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Hard Chrome Coated Screw Plastic Extrusion Machine

Producing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic press systems.

Chrome Plating, Hard Chrome Plating

Maintenance and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Precision mechanical processing, metal surface finishing.

Manufacture of rollers, conveyors, conveyors.

Manufacturing machinery and equipment for the rolling industry.

Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment.

Manufacturing and repairing molds.

Manufacture of filling machinery

Producing steel cutting knives, steel slitting knives.

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Product Development Research Center: Vietnam National University Village, Ho Chi Minh City: Operating since March 2016.

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Transfer metal finishing technology with super-hard, super-hard coatings.

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